About HPLED Lighting

HPLED Lighting is leading the way to a greener tomorrow. We help our clients understand and implement our innovative lighting solutions and products. Our systems combine proprietary, cutting-edge LED lighting technology, with motion and occupancy sensors to achieve the most energy- efficient lighting possible for your facility or institutional building. Energy savings can reach as high as 75%.

HPLED Lighting will improve the environmental impact of your facility or institution, while improving bottom-line results and operational budgets at the same time. We have the experience and LED lighting solutions to help achieve your long-term sustainability and energy reduction goals.

HPLED Lighting is an industry leader in LED lighting technology. Through the manufacturing of our own products, the use of state-of-the-art diode and driver components and superior engineering technology, we have produced the highest quality LED product line available.

We are setting the industry benchmark with our proprietary HPLED (High Performance LED) lighting technology product line. Our products that bear the HPLED designation are a true one-for-one, lumens output exchange with incandescent and fluorescent counterparts.